female privilege is feeling unsafe literally everywhere you go and men getting personally offended by you feeling unsafe

Me most of the year: Want that. Want that. Want that.
Me near my birthday & Christmas: I CANNOT THINK OF A SINGLE THING I WANT.


*takes a handful of candy* wow that’s way too much *puts 1 back*

Favourite Shōnen Jump Covers [ 12 of 24 ]

For ages I’ve been collecting various issues of the SJ magazine covers, most of these are centered around the series which I follow while others contain all currently running SJ manga. Looking at them I thought I could share my favourite covers with you.



i literally procrastinate talking to my friends like it hits me “oh shit i havent talked to that friend in a while” and im like “yeah ill have to do that later” and then i dont

then i feel really guilty about it and [AVOIDANCE INTENSIFIES]

Katsura's Guardian Spirit & Hijikata's


[ o ]